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Data Science As A Service

USTECH is the leading company for high-tech analytical solutions and measuring equipment for process and product quality optimisation in the dairy, feed, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industry worldwide. 

Near Infrared Spectroscopy is a well-established technique and today an important element of quality control in the food industry.

Farmers need non-destructive, accurate, rapid, and user-friendly tools to use on the farm to give them detailed information on the physical and chemical properties of crops at every stage of their growth. They also need to monitor the maturity and quality of their products. Of course, quality control continues beyond the farm and is necessary throughout the supply chain and retail sector.

NIR is not only a useful tool for manufacturers and traders, but also in livestock farming to optimise animal diets according to their nutritional value and to classify incoming raw material according to its nutritional value. In this way, farmers can measure the chemical composition of the diets used without having to resort to wet chemistry methods or external analysis.

Other Industries

Polymer, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrolium, etc.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our core values:

  • We are happy to be a member of your team.

  • We invest in a technology that gains value every day

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