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Fast and Accurate

Continuous, real-time in-line measurements help users improve product consistency and quality, increase productivity and economic gain, and reduce scrap and rework.

The system is an advanced, high-tech and multifaceted in-line NIR instrument for measuring bulk products such as powders, grains, flours, granules, pellets, slurries and pastes in pipes, chutes, chain conveyors, and alike.

It performs real-time multi-component measurements of a product in a processing line, providing information for process control and quality monitoring.


  • Real-time measurements : Monitor, adjust, and optimize your production processes in real-time with accurate results to reduce cost and gain improved yield and product consistency.

  • Robust design to fit manufacturing facilities.

  • Minimally invasive and offers reliable and accurate results.

  • No sample preparation.

  • There are many different options for mounting.


  • Analysis of raw materials in conveyor belts or pipes.

  • Minimally invasive and offers reliable and accurate results.

  • Determination of homogeneity of mixtures in real time.

  • Measure granules, pellets, powders, pastes, syrups, flakes, liquids and more.

  • Common parameters include moisture, protein, ash, fat/oil, fiber and starch.

  • Grain analysis.

  • Flour Milling

  • Starch Production and Corn Milling

  • Oilseed Processing

  • Feed milling

  • Dairy Processing 

Real Time Monitoring for Accurate Results

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