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We believe in validation and trusted data and value customer effect.

Our main objective is to provide fast and accurate results for all our customers.

We work for maximum efficiency with special planning for the specific needs of our customers for each industry.

In every project, through careful dialogue with the customer we will invest in a detailed understanding of all their needs and requirements. 


​We recognize that no process or client is 100% alike, and we have the will and ability to adapt to any project with motivation and new energy.


It is our commitment to focus on customer satisfaction until results are validated and used in a new way.


Data Science and Calibration Model Development of NIR


Our team of experts has been developing calibration models for spectrometers for over 15 years for a wide range of customers. We work with state-of-the-art benchtop, handheld and in-line devices.


We build multivariate calibration models for NIR spectrometers  including handheld, benchtop, in-line devices for a wide range of applications. Our main objective is to provide fast and accurate results for all our customer.


We not only build the right package of multivariate data analysis models for you, but also take care of their ongoing management if you wish. We enable your multivariate regression models to evolve and grow with your business. Each time a multivariate analysis model is rebuilt, we provide meaningful statistics to show how the latest model compares to previous ones and make an assessment of the potential for further improvement.

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